Megagame: Sengoku

Experience the megagame of power and politics in old Japan in this extraordinary game filled with honor and subterfuge. Sengoku is a megagame that’s all about political intrigue and military activity during the Japanese Sengoku-era (in the case of this game, roughly speaking the second half of the 16th Century), a time of great military and social upheaval – an era ideal for a megagame.

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Enter into the Megagame

Players will become members of a Samurai Clan, a temple of Warrior Monks, a Ninja Guild, or the Bakufu (the Shogun’s officials). From there, the teams will lead their warriors into ferocious battles, test their wits in diplomacy, and learn to live in an era where power, intrigue, protocol, and duplicity reign! Join us for the beauty and chaos of Sengoku-Era Japan.

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Enter into the Megagame