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Sacramento GoodDay: Sacramento Megagames.
See the video interview from our day, live with one of the Sengoku 1 teams at the Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse. [January 4, 2015]

Serious Talk. Seriously. Episode 37: John Cleveland
My guest for Episode 37 is John Cleveland, founder of Sacramento Megagames.

What the f*** is a “Megagame”? It’s a combination of politics, warfare, and resources management in a predetermined setting (like Feudal Japan or an alien invasion). The games usually take about 6 hours and involves a large group of nerds people and has lots of wheeling and dealing in getting your group to win with any number of strategies. [December 30, 2014]

LiveWire! Up Next on LiveWire!
Today on LiveWire!
John Cleveland is coming in to talk about the Sacramento Megagame organization and event coming in January. [December 3, 2014]

Sacramento Games Unite. SGU Stage 2.
Podcast featuring Nick Marinelli of MAGFest and John Cleveland of Sacramento Megagames. [November 5, 2014]

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