General Questions
We love questions, bring ’em and we’ll answer them as best as we can.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: Do you have a newsletter I can sign-up for?

Q: I can’t make it to this megagame…will there be more in the future?

  • A: West Coast MegaGames plans to run several events over the course of each year. Check our events page to find out when the next one is coming up.

Q: What other megagames are there?

  • A: Quite a few actually. Aside from Sengoku and Watch the Skies, there are a number of games you can check out on the Megagame Makers’ website and various international megagame groups are making new one all the time. We’ve got a few in the works, so sign up for our newsletter to find out what else is coming up for us!

Q: When will we know which team we are assigned to?

  • A: We don’t assign teams at registration to keep the game balanced in case of no-shows, but we plan to send everyone their team assignments a few weeks before the game.

Q: Will our roles be randomly assigned, or can we agree as a team who plays as what?

  • A: You are welcome to decide among yourselves who plays what role, but disagreements do arise. If two or more players can’t come to an agreement over a specific role(s), a roll-off will determine who gets first pick. The only exception to this is people who priority register and have paid more to start as a team leader.

Q: What’s the location and time of the megagame event?

Q: Will there be lunch served, or do we have to bring/buy our own?

  • A: You are encouraged and welcome to bring your own lunch. We try to make sure that are a number of eateries located within walking distance of the venue. You can also purchase snacks and a basic lunch option on game day at our concessions stand.

Q: I don’t think I’m ready to play, but could I come and watch for a while?

  • A: Spectator passes are available at the door, and you will be free to come and go as you wish (though you may not participate).

Q: Is it okay if I bring a costume or (purely ceremonial) weapon to the event?

  • A: Costumes are welcome and encouraged, but for participant safety we must ask that any weapons be either 100% non-dangerous (e.g., foam) or left at home.

Q: I don’t have a team yet, but I really want to play! Can I register as an individual or group of less than 4?

  • A: Absolutely. All players must register as individuals, and then list the player(s) they would like to be grouped with, if any.

Sengoku-Related Questions

Q: What happens if I have a diplomatic meeting with another team and we sign a treaty but do not hand in the form? Does the treaty still count?

  • A: You must hand in all treaties to control. Any treaties existing without control’s knowledge are null and void until such time as they are posted by control.

Q: If I die in-game, can I rejoin my clan as another character, or will I be randomly assigned to a new clan or team?

  • A: You will rejoin your team as an unnamed subordinate or retainer with no notable titles, or ancestry in Sengoku, and can rejoin teams in Watch the Skies in a myriad of other ways.

Q: How does rounding work for combat in Sengoku? For example if I have 2,000 men and my opponent has 2,000 men, and the combat is a tie, do we both lose 400 (20% of opponent’s strength) men?

  • A: While you are technically correct, combat in Sengoku uses “true rounding,” which means that any losses of 400 or below are not counted (i.e., you don’t lose the 400 men in this scenario), and any losses of 500-900 automatically round up to 1000. This is to keep combat and tracking simple.

Q: What happens to my team if all our provinces in Sengoku are taken?

  • A: At this point your team has a few options. You can:
    • Beseech the Bakufu and neighboring clans for aid in retaking your land.
    • Dissolve your team, at which point each member will split up and join other teams.
    • Take control of another clan, as assigned by control.

Q: Why are none of the playable characters in Sengoku female?

  • A: The time period we are representing is a patriarchy, and as such all of the historical characters in the game are men. This being said, you are welcome to play your character as the gender of your choice.

Q: Can my team have more than 4 people?

  • A: While most clans begin the game with 4 players, it is possible to gain and lose players as the game progresses. It is also possible to start the game with only 2 players.

Q: Can I play as a ninja in Sengoku?

  • A: Yes! However, due to a limited number of high-demand spots, if you wish to play as one you should priority register in one of the 6 Ninja positions. Any remaining Ninja Guilds positions will be assigned via lottery for any Standard Registrants that selected Ninja Guild as one of their faction preferences.

Q: What are the victory conditions of the game?

  • A: Sengoku, Watch the Skies, and other megagames are unique in that they do not have a concrete victory condition like Risk, Monopoly, and any other tabletop/board/card/strategy game. We do track many achievements throughout the game and teams are awarded them during the debrief.
    That being said, you are free to set your own victory condition by which you will have won the game. For example, your goal could be to become Shogun, exterminate a rival clan, bring peace to Japan, or even to just survive the game! There are many possibilities, and it’s up to you to decide.